6 Tips so you don’t go wrong with Cannabis-infused Edibles

Cannabis edibles have been around for quite some time now but users still struggle to get the dosage right. This is mainly because there are just so many of these edibles out there and they are of all kinds. So, there isn’t just one parameter to evaluate when picking an edible and figuring out the right dosage for you. Although edibles are getting increasingly popular due to their potency, they have a set of skeptical users for the very same reason.
So if you are a beginner wanting to try out some delicious edibles or just someone who has previously gone wrong with edibles, here are 6 simple tips to help you figure out the right dosage of marijuana edibles for yourself…


1. New to Cannabis?

Have you ever smoked cannabis before or are you completely new to the whole cannabis experience? If you have smoked cannabis before, then you have a fair idea of what the high feels like and are somewhat prepared for what’s in store. The high from eating cannabis is very different from smoking it, although there is still some degree of familiarity that cannabis smokers would have as compared to first timers.

2. The High- Different & Strong

The high from cannabis edibles feel very different and stronger than the high one may get from smoking it. This is because we hardly have a protective lining in our stomach as compared to the multiple membranes we have in our lungs. So, the high from edibles hits stronger and stays for longer. Also, the potency of edibles differs depending upon the kind of edible you pick however all edibles are way more potent than a regular rolled joint. You may be a heavy smoker of cannabis but it may take just a little more than a gram of concentrate to make you weak. So, be careful and do not underestimate your edibles.

3. Never consume on an Empty Stomach

Lesser known but simple and most important rule to consuming marijuana edibles- Never consume them on an empty stomach. Always have your edibles along with food or after you’ve munched on something, just like how you would not drink alcohol or have your meds on an empty stomach.

4. Level of activated THC

The quantity in milligrams mentioned on the packaging of the edible should not be confused with the amount of THC in it. The level of activated THC differs per milligram for every edible. Make sure you consider the THC level of your edible when picking the right edible and figuring out the perfect dosage of it.

5. Know your options

There are several kinds of edibles being sold by different brands, each with different THC levels and at different price points. Some users may get the perfect high with cannabis chocolates from a particular store while others may like the concentrates from a different brand. Take your time to try different edibles from different places to figure out what works best for you. Understand your body’s physical and psychological response to different edibles in variable dosage and find out your go-to edible!

6. Wait for it….

You’ve picked the edible you want to try, consumed it but you don’t really feel any different. That’s because edibles take a little longer to kick in as compared to smoking cannabis. Be patient and give your edible about 30-45 minutes to kick in before you pop some more to prevent an over dose. Also, some brands mention an activation time on their edibles so keep an eye out for that.

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