5 Prescriptions Drugs that you need to replace with Cannabis today

As marijuana is set to be legal in Canada by 2018, more and more people are getting aware of the benefits that it has to offer to patients suffering from an array of illnesses. The herb has been used for its medical properties since ages across the globe but in modern day world, people have held a certain stigma towards it’s use which is beginning to mellow down. While the number of people holding a medical prescription for cannabis has been increasing rapidly, there is still a section of people that haven’t taken the leap.
This one is for those people that are still a little skeptical about making the choice and for those that use marijuana for a certain ailment but haven’t yet discovered the complete scope of its medical benefits. Here’s a list of 5 prescription drugs that you can without a doubt replace with medical cannabis as a healthier and safer choice.

  1. Sleep medicationsleep medication

Cannabis releases stress and anxiety after a long day and helps the user fall asleep faster and for longer. The THC component of cannabis is mainly responsible for the sleepy effect however, edibles and cannabinoids in general are also known to aid sleep issues. Also, unlike your prescription meds that might make you feel drowsy and disoriented after waking up, cannabis does not have any after effects that might hit you the following day.

  1. Anti-depressantsdepression

Lower doses of THC- the primary psychoactive component in medical cannabis is thought to be most effective in treating depression. However, some users find the uplifting high from CBD rich strains works better in keeping depression at bay. While there is still an argument as to which works better- THC or CBD, both still make for a healthier and safer alternative to the anti-depressant drugs that affect your mental and physical health in the long run.


  1. Anti-anxiety medication

A combination of the cannabinoids THC and CBD is known to help with about 8 everyday anxieties that you may be experiencing, without causing any interference in functionalities of the consumer. These cannabis components control the overdrive of thoughts and sooth your mind, relieveing you of your anxiety issues. You can also opt for strains that give an uplifting or socialable high to help with our anxities.

  1. PainkillersChronic pain
    Both THC and CBD components of cannabis work on the pain recepting cells of the body. Cannabis works on lowering the pain sensing capacity of the body and reduces inflammation, providing relief even in severe cases of chronic pain which may be difficult to treat with prescription drugs.


  1. Seizures and Epilepsy

About 65 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy. Cannabis strains and oil have been medically documented to be highly effective in treating epilepsy and other seizure related disorders. Indica strains generally contain more THC than CBD, making them highly effective in treating seizures. They are also said to work in treatment-resistance cases with the CBD component of marijuana helping treat the disease in the patient.

If you’ve recently made the switch from prescription drugs to cannabis yourself or if cannabis has been helping you in any of the above mentioned ways, please share your experience in the comments section below. Share and spread the awareness!

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