5 ways to Consume Cannabis without having to Smoke it

Smoking cannabis is not always a very pleasant and comfortable experience especially if you have never smoked before. There may be initial coughing, a slight burning sensation in the throat, funny taste on the tongue and confusion about how long to hold the smoke in or how deeply should you inhale. If avoid smoking due to it being a social stigma or smoking cannabis didn’t go down well enough with you, its completely ok. It’s not the end of the world and it definitely doesn’t mean you will miss out on everything that cannabis has to offer. For those of you having trouble smoking joints, you can still enjoy cannabis in these 5 smoke-free ways that have nothing to do with smoking joints.
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  1. Vaporizing

    Vaporizing is a technique of inhaling cannabis by means of a device called a Vape Pen. Vaping is gaining popularity over smoking marijuana as a healthier alternative that goes easy on the lungs and isn’t as harmful as smoking since the chemical compounds combust at a lower temperature resulting in lesser toxins released. Some users also claim that vaped cannabis tastes way better than smoking joints. So, those of you that want to try vaporizing, grab an affordable vape pen that’s also available in several variants, including some fancy ones.

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  2. Edibles

    Cannabis-infused edibles are a delicious and potent alternative to smoking. In fact, due to growing popularity of edibles the market for it is expanding rapidly adding more variants and options for the user to choose from. Take your pick from the variety of dark & milk chocolates, jellies, cookies, crackers, lollipops, mints, brownies, cupcakes, oil, butter and much more. Check out some really cool edibles right here or simple make some at home. Edibles are a favorite among users since they take time to be digested out of the system resulting in a high that is stronger and lasts longer too.

  3. Tinctures

    Tinctures are cannabis infused liquids made by extracting cannabis compounds with an alcohol soak. These tinctures need to be applied directly under the tongue which makes them enter the bloodstream immediately, acting almost instantly on the user. Tinctures are preferred for medical cases that need controlled dosage and are available in a variety of flavors and potencies to suit the relevant need.

  4. Dabbing

    Dabbing is a method that involves heating up a dose of concentrate called a dab, on a hot surface like a nail and then inhaled through an attachment called the dab rig. This method may not sound too appealing but is still preferred by dabbing enthusiasts because (a) properly refined concentrates offer a clean experience free of plant material, and (b) dabbing produces a vapor as opposed to smoke. If you are a new smoker, dabbing isn’t recommended for you.

  5. Pop a Pill

    Cannabis oil and other cannabis concentrates can be consumed directly and ingested orally. However, cannabis oils are also available in capsules so you can simply pop a pill as per your dosage. Just like edibles, they can induce a potent high since they are ingested directly so make sure you get your dosage right.
    Ingestible oils are basically any cannabis concentrate that is taken orally. These most commonly come in capsules or plastic applicators, either of which can be consumed directly or added to food or drink. Like edibles, ingestible oils can induce powerful effects that take a while to kick in, so be mindful of your dose!

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