THC Honey Tears by Green Island Medicinals

 Type : Oil
 THC : 90-92%

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THC Honey Tears by Green Island Medicinals,

THC Honey Tears are hand-crafted in BC using food grade organically grown cannabis flowers extracted with distilled grain alcohol. Contains raw organic BC farm honey as a natural preservative and standardization additive.

For oral consumption: Avoid placing the applicator directly into the mouth, secrete onto a clean surface first in order to avoid consuming too much. 1/20 of an applicator (25mg) is an average dose, avoid consuming more than this at one time before you understand how THC Honey Tears affects you. Can be eaten as is or mixed into foods.
For Topical use: Cover the affected area with a thin coat of oil. Apply again once the oil has been absorbed (usually takes between 12-24 hours). Do not rub into open wounds or lesions; apply only to areas with unbroken skin.

Green Island Naturals combines science with a deep understanding of traditional plant-based medicines to produce innovative products designed to improve and diversify treatment options for the medical user. We are a company built for patients by patients. We use the products that we sell and share them with our friends and family.

We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do. THC Honey Tears

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Honey Tears

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